Siya Green

2017 Summer Fellow

Siya Green is a Los Angeles Native who has lived in multiple areas of LA County, including South Central, Downtown LA, and Inglewood. In 2016 Siya transferred from Los Angeles Southwest Community College to UC Berkeley. She is entering her senior year in the fall of 2017 and is currently working on completing a BA in English. She is interested in the human mind, which lead to her fascination with literature and dissecting characters in texts.

Siya believes that words are powerful and that the words we say and accept from others have a huge impact on one’s psyche. This is why she strives to create social change by teaching healthy forms of communication between people and more importantly communication one has within one’s self. She drives home this message in every medium she uses such as oral storytelling, public speaking, poetry, and film. An example is her film Black Black, a documentary that redefines the idea of intersectionality through the lens of black women.

Siya is an alumn of Employtech (now RepresentEd), a program focused on providing “nontraditional” students with business skills as well as the language to apply their existing skills to the business world.  She is a Miller Scholar at UC Berkeley, which is an introductory program to research and  community service through a research lens. Siya had the honor of working as the first summer Fellow at Civil Labs. She aims to learn business in a unique way. If you see Siya at the farmer’s market on Sundays stop by and say ‘Hi’! She loves conversations and would love to hear what the ‘I’ in your identity means to you.